The Manuals are in Microsoft WORD.

The following instructions are designed to help you make changes to these Manuals.

Please read the following BEFORE you begin customizing your Manual.



  • There are “footnotes” placed throughout the document for your convenience to let you know what to fill in for each of the blanks.  Once you delete the blank line and fill in with text, the footnote for that line will automatically delete.
  • Sometimes, after deleting a footnote, the text will revert back to a smaller or different font and you will need to change it.  We have used the ARIAL font in 12-pt throughout the document.



  • This is the list of the policies in the Manual. It is in alphabetic order.
  • It allows you to quickly jump to the specific policy you want within the Manual when you are using the ‘online’ version.
  • Also, it is ‘cross-referenced’ for ease of use. For example, in the Employee Manual, there is a “DRESS, GROOMING and HYGIENE” policy. It can be ‘jumped to’ by going to DRESS, GROOMING, AND HYGIENE or GROOMING or HYGIENE and pressing ‘Ctrl’ and left clicking with your ‘mouse’ on the policy.
  • To Table of Contents: The ‘online’ version of the Manual allows your employees to quickly return to the HOTLINKED TABLE OF CONTENTS by just pressing ‘Ctrl’ and left clicking on their mouse/… 



  • This is the list of all the policies in the Manual. It is in alphabetic order.
  • As with the HOTLINKED TABLE OF CONTENTS, it is also cross-referenced.
  • It notes which page a policy is on so your employees can easily find the policy when they are looking at the Manual in a ‘printed’ version.


HEADER (at the top of each page)

  • Double-click at the top of the page to open the header.  Enter the official name of your Company
  • Update the revision date


Note:  Once you are done, make sure all footnotes in the document are deleted and update the Paginated Table of Contents.

Instructions for Updating Paginated Table of Contents:

  • Right click anywhere within the Table (the entire Table will turn gray)
  • On the pop-up screen, left click on “Update Field”
  • The field will automatically update the page numbers in the Table
  • Left click anywhere outside the Table to finish (the gray will go away)



  • Make sure to remove (delete) any blank lines before typing in your own specific information.
  • If you enter a person’s specific name (i.e. John Smith, Cathy Smith, etc.), remove the word “the” immediately before it if is there.  Add the word “the” if you are entering a Title (i.e. Office Manager, President, etc.).