ALERT on Social Distancing To Keep Employees Safe at Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safety measures employers can implement include:

  • Isolate any worker who begins to exhibit symptoms until they can either go home or leave to seek medical care;

  • Establish flexible worksites (e.g., telecommuting) and flexible work hours (e.g., staggered shifts), if feasible;

  • Stagger breaks and re-arrange seating in common break areas to maintain physical distance between workers;

  • In workplaces where customers are present, mark six-foot distances with floor tape in areas where lines form, use drive-through windows or curbside pickup, and limit the number of customers allowed at one time;

  • Move or reposition workstations to create more distance, and install plexiglass partitions; and

  • Encourage workers to bring any safety and health concerns to the employer’s attention.